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Rentoline provides professional services of eliminating domestic pests, which include:- Cockroaches, rats and mice, sugar ants, bats, woodworms and termites. Through experience and constant research, Rentoline Ltd is able to eradicate these pests using the internationally recommended environmental friendly chemicals. In this case the pests die gradually and the chemicals used do not adversely affect mankind.


Termite treatment is done at three levels;

1.Pre-site treatment
This involves the preventive treatment of the building foundation at the slab level. Rentoline Ltd uses the internationally recognized/recommended chemicals. The chemical used guarantees that the building is free from termite infestation for a long period. Rentoline Ltd provides a certificate of cover with a guarantee of a minimum of ten years.

2.On Site treatment
This involves the curative treatment of an already existing building which has been infested by termites, through a method of drilling of the foundation after which a chemical for eliminating termite is injected into the slab. Rentoline Ltd provides a minimum guarantee of five years for this service.

3.Treatment on lawns and termite nests
This involves the treatment of subterranean termite in ground nests and anthills with a chemical solution. The lawns are then sprayed using the same chemical solution. This is done through the process of cover spaying.